REAL RECOVERY is proud of the long term success and sobriety our residents have accomplished. Here are some testimonies:

“I am a current resident and a new resident of Florida. These guys are great to work with! I have been in a few different houses in the north east and they are nothing compared to this. You can tell these guys aren’t just about the money. They are understanding about each persons individual circumstances and will work with you as long as you are serious about your recovery. On top of that it’s all new here and super comfortable. The community is great here and I think part of that thanks to the guys in the office. I have been in other houses where no one talks to each other. People here make it feel like a family. The rules here are also good. Keep you honest with your program and most important keep you accountable.”

– Craig H.

“As an active resident at real recovery. I will have to say this place is the real deal. The living conditions are very comfortable and very clean. The staff is very hands on and they are very sincere about there own recovery and set good examples they live the program. Real Recovery has given me the tools and opportunity to live a clean and sober life. I would highly recommend real recovery to anyone seeking a better way of life.”

– Bill W.

“Everyone here is serious about the reason they came here. It’s a fun, clean environment and I’m very grateful for the staff and community for welcoming me as if I was family. Great place.”

– Alex L.

“Great place, all brand new. Guys are awesome, great community and great environment to get well. Management is good as well. If there is a problem…. They fix it right away. I would highly recommend coming here to get things back on track in a good, safe, comfortable environment”

– Brian T.

“I’ve been a resident at the Brandon real recovery for a few weeks now and am quite impressed. The living conditions are 2 stories with only 4 people in each unit. The town homes are recently renovated so everything inside is brand new; including appliances, furniture, smart TV’s beds etc. equally as important, there are jobs everywhere. The Brandon mall is only 2 miles away with a direct bus route every hour. Meetings are with in a decent walking distance and residents are always willing to carpool if necessary. Between the renovation, the job opportunities, meeting locations and friendly staff, Real Recovery in Brandon is definitely a 5 star sober living house.”

-Austin P.

“I’ve lived here a month and the amount of love and growth I’ve gotten from here is mind blowing. Out of every sober living I looked at I am beyond happy that here is where I chose. The apartments are amazing, the repairs are swift is something is broken, and my every need/want is met beyond my wildest dreams. It’s the perfect balance of being on my own while also teaching me how to even do that successfully. Id recommend real recovery every day for ever”

– Kaylee C

“I have been here since March and I have never been happier! Real Recovery is clean, new, in a FANTASTIC neighborhood. Shay and Real Recovery really help you build personal accountability and they have been helping me set goals every week to continue to make my life better. We go to meetings together. We have been bowling and they threw an awesome barbecue for the anniversary party. I have been trying to get clean and sober for 20 years and this is the first time I have ever had enough structure and accountability to do the steps with a sponsor. I could easily live with my boyfriend in his apartment and I know that this place is saving my life. It’s worth the cost and I would pay so much more to save my life. Thank you Real Recovery, Shay, and Patrick for making this place so amazing. I owe you.”

– Elizabeth C.

“The ownership and staff at Real Recovery Brandon provide top quality living conditions with freshly renovated town-homes. But most importantly, they provide steadfast accountability and a safe “substance free” environment for their clients.”

– Adam R.

“My daughter has been living here since this past April… the change in her has been fabulous!!!! She loves her apartment and her roommates!! The program is fantastic and the structure gives my daughter a daily guideline to follow!!! She has worked her way up and is now a House Manager…I would highly recommend this Real Recovery House to anyone who is SERIOUS about going in to a recovery program!!”

– Arlene C.

“Love love this place. Current resident. Very structured and gives you the tools you need to be successful in recovery & In life! The girls are very helpful including the management! It’s walking distance to a school, bus lines & much more. Never seen such a amazing recovery housing, apartments are clean, nice, updated, and nice appliances. Everyone here and everything about real recovery is amazing. Thank you to real recovery for everything you have provided and done to help me strive in my recovery and everyday life.”

– Olivia K.

“This place is so wonderful, safe, clean, trustworthy, and filled with so many amazing women. The house mother is very kind and easy to talk to, the house manager is hilarious and brutally honest (which I love), and the owner is someone I very much look up to because he provides multiple recovery houses for addicts who want to live clean, hence saving lives daily. In their presence you can feel how much they care about you and are rooting for you. Inspired daily by women who understand the pain of addiction, I highly recommend Real Recovery to anybody who wants to feel at home while seeking help. I am so humbled to be amongst so many who truly care about my recovery, and if you’re reading this know you’ve got people in the stands cheering for ya, Homie! I look forward to meeting more and more of the folks who are in the process of positive change…you don’t have to be the sick and suffering anymore, you have people who want to help you, and Dude, YOU ARE WORTH IT!”

-Amanda A.

“I’ve been here nearly a month and it has been wonderful. It is very recovery oriented in a supportive and positive way. My roommates are fantastic, the house is clean and comfortable. The apartment manager is a great person who is always looking to help and improve things to assist in getting us responsible and back into a life without drugs/alcohol. I’d give this place 10 stars if I could!”

-Jen I.

“I feel so fortunate to have found this amazing facility. Real Recovery for Women is everything you could possibly want in a Sober Living home. The apartments are newly renovated and well maintained. Real Recovery provides all the tools necessary to stay on the path to recovery and sober living. Shay the apartment manager is always there to lend her support and guidance. I’m truly happy to be a part of such a wonderful women’s community.”

-Brennan L.

“I am so grateful that Real Recovery for women exists. I appreciate the non-chaotic and beautiful “container’ Real Recovery is providing for me as I recover and re-integrate in a truly grounded way back into society. I feel I am being given much support through the staff and other women here. Shay is amazing! I have already learned so much about myself in only a month, that I feel is invaluable to my recovery. This is also a pleasant neighborhood I enjoy pulling into, surrounded by sporting activities, lending their charismatic vibe (a Frisbee golf course, safe biking paths and minor league baseball) The building is nice on the eyes, it is also well kept inside and out and everything is brand new. There are several separate apartments, I feel a part of a large supportive group without losing my personal space. Everything is under a coded locking system, I feel very safe, this is very important to me. To feel safe. I feel a real sense of joy here, a serenity I have not felt in a long time, maybe not ever. Outside of this facility, I’m taking benefit from great meetings, both NA and AA. There is a fun recovery community. Lastly, I love being close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! This is just the beginning, and this is the perfect place for the beginning of my story, my new chapter.”

-Jennifer B.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for the opening of Real Recovery’s new women’s house. The apartments are beautiful, and the house is run by amazing staff that genuinely care about each resident. It is not easy to find that combination of qualities in sober living, and especially in the Clearwater area. I was fortunate to come here after a negative experience at another well-known sober living community in the area, and the difference is night and day. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a safe and caring place to support their recovery, and I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies!”

-Kim S.

“From the first call Real Recovery has been there to support me on my journey into recovery! Getting in was extremely easy, the living area is super clean (all brand new) and administration is seriously dedicated and very helpful. The apts are close to the bus line and are centrally located to lots of meetings in the Clearwater area. I am accomplishing my goals because Real Recovery has given me a solid foundation with structure that’s easy to follow.”

-Lauren A.

“Real Recovery is the only place I would send my friends that are looking for a positive well-structured environment to continue on in society soberly. Shay, the manager of the property cares deeply about the women here and Patrick the owner is passionate about creating an environment to help sober people be successful living in a safe place. Please consider this fine establishment for yourself or loved ones in need of a sober living. I’ve seen it for myself to be proficient in providing the tools needed for a better YOU.”

-Jenna J.

“This place is awesome. It is in a great location where I can ride my bike to a lot of places including restaurants, Clearwater mall, and beautiful parks within a mile. Staff is amazing, you can go to shay the house manager with anything and she will help you. Coming out of rehab after 60 days and having a sober living that holds you accountable and is so open and friendly is just what I need to continue to stay sober. I am so thankful for this place. Would recommend to anyone who is in the program and wants sobriety! Life is continuously beautiful now living here, and I am extremely happy and grateful to live here. Thank you, Real Recovery Clearwater.”

-Alyssa D.

“I was so grateful to have found Real Recovery. The support and genuine concern from management and other women here continues to uplift and motivate my desire for sobriety. This is definitely a place where women are welcome and who want to learn to live a new way of life!”

-Sarah B.

“Halfway houses in Florida have a bad reputation. A lot of them only care about money and use sick people for profit. Real Recovery is different. Money is he last thing these men care about here. They care about recovery and the wellbeing of the guys who are trying to make a difference in their life. They are sincere here. I have seen them help so many people and I know that through their sincerity and experienced management they will continue to help these men grow. If you are serious about getting help and trying something different don’t waste your time somewhere else just call Real Recovery.”

Zack M.

“I honestly wouldn’t consider this residency a halfway house. It’s much too clean, the appliances and units are brand new. The furnishings are upheld and cared for. The property itself is maintained multiple times a week. The staff and owners lookout for not just the resident’s well-being but their best interests as well. And the property maintains a safe place for men of all afflictions to recover in a safe and sober environment. I would highly recommend this for anyone serious about their recovery.”

William B.

“I’m a resident at the Real Recovery in St Pete and it is by far the best place for people that are serious about their recovery. The people here are willing to go above and beyond to help each other out. The house managers will always give you their time if you need to talk. The owner shows he cares about everyone and is a genuine guy. Anyone that needs structure in their life and wants to have the freedom to live a great sober life I highly recommend Real Recovery I feel very blessed to be apart of this family!”

David L.

“Hands down the best sober living house I have ever lived in….hands down! The owners are hands on and very helpful in getting you where you need to be in life in order to be a functioning member of society. Highly recommended for people that want to better themselves and have fun doing it.”

James M.

“I came to real recovery 3 months ago and that was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. The house managers and residents here take recovery seriously. If you follow the rules and work a steady program, you will do well here. I can truly say that being here has really gotten me on the right track to becoming a responsible, sober member of society. So grateful that I found this place.”

Marcus W.

“I chose Real Recovery looking to break free from the prison of alcoholism and start a new life. I knew of the ongoing problem of fraud and poor management in sober living and halfway houses, so I was very wary of making a decision on one. I am very glad I found one that breaks that stigma. Within the first two days of being there I knew I had made the right choice. I felt very welcomed and included in the community and it is very professionally run. Real Recovery is the perfect place to make a safe transition to a new productive, happy sober life.”

Corey E.

“Real Recovery saved my life. I was homeless and I had burnt every last bridge. Pat the owner saw me at a meeting and took me in. The house managers and house mates gave me a chance they showed me love till I could love myself. I will never be able to pay back real recovery for giving me my life back. I have been in numerous sober livings the pure beauty, cleanliness and serious cliental makes the recovery atmosphere at real recovery above all others. I would recommend this sober living to anyone.”

Bret K.

“This halfway-house is beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it. Cable, Kodi Box, WiFi, central air, swimming pool, and everything is rebuilt and brand new! Every house or apartment has a brand new, large flat screen TV. The apartments are not crowded at all, plenty of living space, new appliances, on sight laundry. The owner is extremely courteous, hands-on and helpful in every way. The house managers are really cool.”

Paul J.

“I lived at Real Recovery for approximately six months after completing a 90-day intensive inpatient stay at a local Drug & Alcohol treatment facility. This was my first experience with both treatment and a sober living environment. Shortly after my stay I quickly realized in speaking with other residents that Real Recovery far exceeds the standards of other sober living environments. The staff and community took me in and played an intricate part during my recovery in early sobriety. I cannot express enough my deepest gratitude for Real Recovery, its ownership, staff, and their outstanding program. There is no doubt that Real Recovery aided my recovery process in my time of need. I highly recommend Real Recovery to any man wishing to change his life and to find a better way to live.”

Brian M.

“Best sober living facility in Florida hands down. Absolutely gorgeous place, beautiful brand new rooms, and perfect location where you can get plugged in to local AA fellowship instantly. There is access to public transportation and it’s only minutes away from downtown and beaches. The owner, house managers, and residents will help newcomers find resources to help with activities of daily living, such as, bus passes, food stamps, and job placement. Residents are held accountable with weekly drug tests and house meetings. This makes for a smooth transition into living a self sufficient and sober lifestyle. Best AA/NA based program by far.”

Lemmi W.

“Amazing halfway house. Warm and friendly management and owner. . Friendly residents that are eager to help the new guy by offering rides to meetings the grocery store etc. Provide a safe and secure apartment style living with ample parking and bike racks. This is my forth time living in a halfway house and I must say that I am truly blessed and feel safe living in a clean comfortable environment allowing me to obtain employment and focus on my recovery. Also not having to share a bathroom with 11 other grown men is a major PLUS. Management also in recovery and doing the deal going to local meetings & involved in service work.”

Kevin M.

“I arrived at Real Recovery having spent time in several treatment centers, halfway houses and other forms of drug and alcohol treatment programs in several different states. I have been to 4 other halfway houses in the area before real recovery with differing experiences. Real recovery was by far the nicest in terms of facilities, the owner/administration team constantly are making improvements to the facility. There is no other program in the area with this nice of a place, nothing remotely close. Most other halfway houses try to fit as many people in as possible for the most income from resident’s rent. Real recovery has individual apartments that have all been recently renovated that are either shared by 2-4 people, with plenty of personal space. 10 minutes from St. Pete beaches and 10 minutes from downtown St. Pete and a short drive over the bridge to Tampa. Top notch facilities.

Then there’s the staff/ownership. They are all in recovery, and are very involved. They are involved with every resident who lives there and know what’s going on in their facility. Most halfway houses are truly out to help the people who live there, but they are first and foremost a business for the ownership. Real Recovery is a totally different story. I have seen personally the owner making decisions based on residents well being and recovery instead of simply financial reasons, which is totally refreshing. Sacrificing the facilities bottom line financially to really help people, because that’s what they believe in. The staff and ownership couldn’t be better.

Then there’s the general environment of the house. They don’t simply let just anyone in, they vet the residents to make sure its the best environment for everyone who lives there. I was with a great group of guys who I ended up becoming very close with and we all leaned on each other for support.
As I said I have been to a lot of different places for help with my addiction. Honestly Real Recovery has it all. Great facilities, a great program and staff, and great residents. If you really want the best chance at long-term recovery Real Recovery is the first place I’d go or send someone I cared about to.”

Jon A.