Our Mission is to provide a safe and stable recovery environment with strong community support system to help men and women to successfully transition in the real world.

We provide our residents with the opportunity to create a solid foundation for their recovery. Our program provides the accountability and community support that is essential for long term sobriety

Our Program consist of the following…

Policies and Procedures:

  • Each resident must consent to and pass a 16 panel urinalysis and
    breathalyzer test at the time of their admittance.
  • Upon arrival residents will meet with staff to set goals for
    sobriety, length of stay and plans for the future.
  • Residents must remain abstinent from all drugs and alcohol for
    the duration of their stay. Failure to do so will result in immediate
  • Residents are required 12 step sponsor with at least 1 YEAR of
    continuous sobriety.
  • Residents must be present for a mandatory weekly house meeting at
  • Residents must attend a minimum of Five 12 step meetings per
  • Within 14 days of admission date, each resident must have one
    of the following:

    • 20 hours of work a week.
    • 15 credit hours of school.
    • 20 hours of volunteer hours a week

Program Fees and Refund Policies:

  • Fees are due on the 1st.No Exceptions.
  • If a resident moves in after the 1st of the month a prorated fee
    will apply. For example, if the resident moves in on the 15th of the month
    they will owe half of the month’s program fee.
  • A one-time Administration Fee is due at time of intake.
  • If the resident is unable to pay their fees on the 1st of the
    month, a late fee will apply.

Weekly Real Recovery Support Group:

  • Real Recovery is a Level II peer support recovery residence.
  • Attendance is mandatory at our weekly night Real Recovery
    Support Group.
  • Residents are required to complete and hand in a weekly
    accountability worksheet.
  • Meeting consists of introductions of new residents, weekly
    check-ins, discussion of step work and other recovery topics, weekly
    commitments, and house concerns to keep each other accountable.

Curfew Policy:

  • First 30 days: Sunday-Thursday 11pm, Friday-Saturday 12am.
  • After 30 days: Sunday- Thursday 12am, Friday-Saturday 1am.
  • After 30 days you may submit overnight request forms for

Drug Testing Policy:

  • Upon admittance all residents must consent to a 16 panel urine
  • All residents are subject to at least one drug/alcohol test per
    week or random breathalyzer and drug testing whenever staff deems fit due
    to suspicion.
  • All residents are subject to drug/alcohol testing after an
    overnight pass or extended trip with no exceptions.
  • If resident fails or refuses to take test, he or she will be
    asked to leave within an hour. Staff will work with resident to find a safe
    place to go. (Detox, treatment center or other sober living residence.)

Medication Policy:

  • All medications prescribed or over-the-counter must be stored out
    of sight. (Cabinets, drawers, dressers.)
  • All prescribed medications must be reported and logged by staff.
  • Staff may ask to do a medication count at any time to confirm
    resident is taking medication as prescribed.
  • Prohibited Medications: Suboxone, Methadone, Subutex, Adderall,
    all Benzodiazepines and Opiates.

Relapse Discharge Procedure:

  • Real Recovery is an abstinence-based program and we have a
    zero-tolerance policy when it comes to relapse and/ or drugs and alcohol
    being found on property. In occurrence of a relapse, circumstances
    determine how each situation is handled by staff.
  • When asked to leave property due to using or failed drug
    screen/breathalyzer, staff will take the necessary measures to help the
    resident get to a safe place that meets their recovery needs as long as he
    or she is willing.
  • Real Recovery will invite you back into the residence as long as
    a bed space is available, and the resident meets the following requirements:
    • Have 1 week of continued sobriety confirmed by your sponsor.
    • Pass a Urinalysis test and a Breathalyzer.
    • Resident must present their case to the Real Recovery Community
      and will be voted reentry by their peers. The residents at Real Recovery
      will vote in favor of what is in the best interest of the community and the
      individual resident.